Air Quality Monitoring

The Simaxx / Aquaportal solution uses lightweight IoT sensors combined with a Simaxx was deployed to monitor the existing sensor network at Beswick House, the home of Tyrrell Building Technologies (TBT). As part of a Covid-19 mitigation strategy during the pandemic, TBT used a combination of CO2 and Humidity sensors to track the likelihood of airborne transmission of viruses.

Analytic Rules for condition monitoring

Analysis of the CO2 and Humidity sensors was carried out in line with the UK government recommendations on internal air quality for reducing risks of spreading airborne viruses. The rule outputs were highly visible to all stakeholders as a guide to the environmental quality.

Reporting templates

The TBT team were able to create report templates to record conditions over specific time periods. This also allowed more context to be given to the results that were collected. A link to a typical report is shown below.

Covid compliance reporting: PDF attachment

air quality 2

Analytic Rules are applied to specific data from CO2 sensors and Humidity sensors from the Halo Smart IoT range. Simaxx continuously monitors the values and will create advisory events when the environmental conditions are likely to enhance virus transmissibility.

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