Simaxx for Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance functionality in Simaxx is a comprehensive toolbox to create analytic rules and formulas that can be applied to various data models for rapid deployment. Automating parts of your maintenance procedures can allow for faster responses and more accurate diagnoses to be carried out.

No matter which industry your company deals in, maintenance is a regular and necessary part of your business operations. Individual components of mechanical equipment can break down just as easily as entire systems can, and monitoring these problems is the fastest way to respond to potential failures and faults.

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Smart Maintenance of Building Assets

The Simaxx platform serves as the perfect staging ground for adopting smart maintenance options, providing a huge range of tools and systems that your team can use to assist with the implementation. Once in place, Simaxx can become the core of a highly efficient monitoring and data collection system.

Adopting Smart Maintenance

A smart maintenance system is able to collect and process a range of data, as well as provide basic alerts or warnings if something seems abnormal. Beyond that, it serves as a tool to help you assess damage or measure maintenance issues based on a range of custom criteria.

In simple terms, smart maintenance is all about taking the lessons learned from years of maintenance experience and condensing them into a technology-led system that allows mechanics and engineers to keep their focus elsewhere. These systems can be a valuable way of evaluating problems before they even occur or catching serious faults before they happen.

Regardless of industry, smart maintenance has become a desirable addition to many an organization. Simaxx provides an effective way to construct your own smart maintenance system tailored to the devices and services that your business relies on most within your building or industry.

Maintaining Hardware

Mechanisms like electric motors often require regular maintenance services, but going to an outside business for those services means that it costs more and takes longer to be completed. These services may also not achieve the standards you are aiming for or ignore your company’s best practices.

A platform like Simaxx allows for the easy adoption of smart systems, enabling you to start monitoring a building full of devices and industrial machines and achieve full control over your maintenance needs. You can identify any hardware that needs a maintenance service team and then dispatch the right people for the job – all before any major faults occur.

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Maintaining a Building

An industrial building is also a target for maintenance work. A single building may take a while to wear down and not require much active care, but each additional building puts more pressure on the building manager. Maintaining more than one building requires dedicated observation tools, and Simaxx can provide those tools while also adhering to industry-wide best practices.

Regardless of whether you use a variety of sensors and software or just focus on individual machines at first, Simaxx is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable. This means that you can adjust the platform to match with your current needs, making it much easier to ensure that you service the right hardware at the right time.

Pre-Emptive Repairs

One of the biggest benefits of any smart maintenance system is being able to repair something before the damage even begins. If done correctly, a platform like Simaxx can become a core part of you being able to repair and maintain your building (and the tools inside it) while avoiding major faults and malfunctions before they strike.

This requires careful planning, as well as an effective variety of sensors and monitoring tools. However, if done correctly, you can use past examples of mechanical failures to direct your repair services towards anything that looks like it is about to fail or suffer a breakdown – even if there does not appear to be anything visually wrong with it.

This kind of forethought is something that Simaxx provides the most support for. By using the platform in the right ways, you can prematurely prevent any kind of major breakdown, allowing your organization to keep operating at full efficiency despite mechanical faults or software bugs.

Intelligent Software

Your repair work is only as effective as the software supporting it. Simaxx can work alongside a variety of other tools to boost their general effectiveness while also offering core benefits of its own, meaning that you can start building a system that perfectly matches your maintenance services needs.

Simaxx is geared towards all kinds of building performance and building management goals, including a long list of building performance improvement services and methods. This means that Simaxx is much more effective at dealing with building services and responsibilities when compared to more general software platforms.

Beyond that, Simaxx itself is flexible enough to work with any kind of building and to track whatever information you need it to track. This gives you full control over the way that you approach your maintenance work and general responsibilities, regardless of the business’ size.

Data Collection

One of the core benefits of a platform like Simaxx is the ability to gather raw data and process it into usable information. This allows you to measure a huge variety of different criteria and factors more accurately or create accurate reports of your current maintenance standards and results.

Data Monitoring

Smart maintenance is primarily focused on observation – for example, keeping track of a machine to see if a component breaks down. However, there are a variety of ways to do this, and it can be tough for a company to begin monitoring their various systems and hardware. Simaxx provides an easy way to collect and store data in a usable format, as well as pull together data from a variety of sources at once.

Keeping track of different pieces of machinery – or even different buildings – can be a tough task for a maintenance team without a software platform supporting them. Simaxx is flexible enough to work in any industry and with a wide range of different systems, allowing for real-time performance management in any situation.

Simaxx can be configured to work with all kinds of observation options, giving maintenance specialists a way to conduct performance measures or inspect equipment effectiveness at a glance. Custom parameters and criteria, as well as a huge capacity for historical data, mean that it is possible to assess data in a wide variety of ways depending on the situation.


Historical Data

Simaxx keeps all historical data for as long as you need it, meaning that you can draw on performance and maintenance data from as far back as you need to. The platform also offers countless ways to process and format data, ensuring that you can format important information exactly as needed.

Having a direct source of older data allows for more comparison options in performance measurement, using the original information as a baseline or reference point. This can be important for a wide range of situations, especially if you are measuring changes throughout the history of a site, building, or the company as a whole.


Producing reports can be a daunting process, but an automated system like Simaxx ensures that the data can be formatted much more efficiently. Reporting is often necessary for a variety of management and audit situations, but even beyond that, it can be an important part of your business operations.

Reports do not just present raw data but hold a range of formatted and well-prepared information, often measuring specific elements or criteria. Simaxx makes it incredibly easy to piece together reports that perfectly match your needs, enabling faster reporting with more up-to-date information.

Data Sources

Simaxx can draw from whatever data you give it access to. This means that any data collection methods and technology you already use can be integrated into Simaxx, providing plenty more data to process and call upon as needed.

Beyond that, this ensures that your company can continue to use new data collection systems while still integrating them into Simaxx. This kind of implementation means that the same smart maintenance system can be used throughout a company’s long-term growth, receiving additional sources of data and operating at a larger scale while still using the same basic framework.

Performance Measurement

Preconfigured analytic rules can be applied quickly to mechanical plants and coupled within Simaxx. These rules provide the insights to allow site performance to be continuously monitored, which leads to further data and faster responses when a component or machine breaks down.

Measuring the performance of any tool can be useful, but it becomes especially important in an industrial or commercial setting. Simaxx gives you ways to observe your entire business or individual pieces of machinery at a glance.

Performance Measurement Tasks

Performance measurement itself is made much easier by the Simaxx platform. Even basic performance measures can be time-consuming on their own, but Simaxx allows you to carry out faster performance measures while being able to process the resulting data far more reliably.

If your company uses a variety of different types of systems to gather and assess this data, then Simaxx can bring it all together in one place. This allows you to measure anything from individual mechanical components to entire building performance details while retaining full control of the information you process.

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Simaxx serves as a powerful platform for evaluating your performance measurement information. While measuring core criteria can be useful, it means nothing without a way to evaluate the data you gather and glean practical details or suggestions from the outcome.

Using Simaxx to place that data into a range of useful formats and styles means that you can look at the same information from a variety of perspectives. This includes a visual representation like a graph, a simply-formatted report, or whatever other documents and forms allow you to discover more about your business’ performance.

Key Performance Indicators

Strong key performance indicators (KPIs) are some of the most valuable criteria you can use when performing any kind of performance measurement task. Simaxx provides ways to conduct performance measures using custom KPIs that can be adapted to suit your current needs and goals, allowing only relevant information to be measured.

Coming up with KPIs can be tough, but Simaxx provides enough data for most companies to discover indicators on their own. This makes evaluating your own data far easier, allowing each company to naturally develop a method that works for their business. The flexibility of the platform also means that KPIs can be changed to match different strategies as required.

Focused Measurements

Proper performance measurement will also maintain focus on the current performance of equipment (and the plant as a whole) rather than using scheduled (planned preventative maintenance) PPM.

Having more ways to measure performance allows a company to make sure that it focuses on whatever is the most prominent issue, avoiding unnecessary delays or resource allocation issues that do not make sense.

Plant Modelling

The key to Simaxx domain expertise is the wide variety of plants and machinery that are already modelled within the platform. Simulating a plant or business site allows every piece of technology and machinery to be fully understood, allowing for real-time observation of the entire plant structure from a maintenance perspective.

This kind of modelling facilitates smart maintenance, allowing the engineers and repair teams to immediately know which part of an industrial process has broken down. In a large organization with countless different types of systems, there is a very low capacity for mistakes, and plant models provide a vital level of clarification.

Simaxx provides ways to develop and maintain plant models, as well as the data needed to run the digital recreations and the tools to demonstrate your evaluation strategies as needed.

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Plant Models for Smart Maintenance

Smart maintenance relies on being able to tie incoming data back to a particular tool or system that may be suffering a performance issue. This means that a plant model can be incredibly valuable after a performance measurement or efficiency check, allowing you to identify items within your company premises that may be in need of maintenance.

Maintaining equipment is easiest when you understand which items need to be repaired and what kind of damage they may be suffering. Performance measurements alone can’t identify this, but combining your performance measures with a digital model of your site can make it much easier to identify and eliminate these issues pre-emptively.


Creating plant models as simulations provides a range of benefits to your business, but you need a smart maintenance system to take full advantage of those benefits. Performance measures are much easier when carried out on a model of your site or organization.

This kind of structure is easy to create within Simaxx. Each model can be fed accurate data from a variety of devices: not only does this allow for real-time performance measures, but it also allows you to simulate critical situations to find potential shortfalls or issues with your current maintenance method.

Maintenance Warnings

As part of a smart maintenance system, these plant models can be used to find the exact problems within a larger company structure at a glance. This kind of early warning can be invaluable for eliminating mechanical failures or faults before they pose a more serious threat.

Any kind of warning can be important when it comes to mechanical breakdowns and failures. Simaxx can be used alongside a plant model to pinpoint and deal with problems as they arise, allowing you to target the precise pieces of equipment most likely to fail.

Simaxx’s effective data collection options also dramatically reduce the chance of any repair specialists getting the situation wrong. For example, they will be far less likely to try repairing the wrong devices, monitor the wrong equipment, or bring the wrong tools for a given situation.

Technology and Hardware Performance Measures

Beyond warnings, Simaxx can be used for a deeper critical analysis of the entire structure, drawing on past data to find the industry tools and equipment that require the most maintenance. This allows you to focus on finding the weakest link and running a full evaluation of your company’s current industrial hardware to find anything worth replacing.

This can also apply to software programs. It is entirely possible to use Simaxx for an evaluation of your current programs, whether they are related to manufacturing and production or just general programs used by your employees. This makes it far simpler to eliminate anything that is actively holding your company back from future growth.

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Sensor Systems

Simaxx can be tied into a variety of data sources, including sensors used to monitor commercial or industrial equipment. This allows an organization in any industry to use their existing observation devices, pooling all collected data into the same platform and making any kind of performance measurement task far easier.

As an example, some plant models may contain two sets of equipment, each producing items for a different industry. Despite the difference in their uses, Simaxx is flexible enough to let this data be measured as needed – whether that is through overall performance measures or individual performance measures for each production line.

Efficiency Enhancements

Automated insights into plant performance mean that labour resources can be focused on tasks that contribute to the business goals, safe in the knowledge that the plant is being monitored continuously. This kind of effectiveness and performance boost makes a big difference to any organization, regardless of industry.

Efficiency is important regardless of how your company operates, and Simaxx provides ways to observe and record efficiency issues. This includes maintenance problems that may pose setbacks or cause delays, giving you a way to gather data relating to the issues and find potential workarounds.


A performance measurement will not just pick out the areas with the worst performance measurement results but will actively allow for more performance management. This means that areas of low production can be identified and targeted with productivity-boosting options or supported with new tools to get around any roadblocks they are facing.

Productivity and general effectiveness are important for any commercial business, and being able to identify areas of poor productivity is something that Simaxx offers very well. A full critical analysis of your organization and its overall production levels can make a huge difference.

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Performance Comparisons

As mentioned earlier, it is incredibly easy to carry out a performance measurement through Simaxx. This means that you can compare performance measurement results to test the overall efficiency of a particular system or compare multiple systems’ performance measurement results to find the most practical option.

This can be used in a huge variety of ways, from supply systems to software services. As long as you can monitor data relating to something (whether that is through sensors, software or some other method), you can carry out a performance measurement process that will lead to further analysis options.

Integrating New Devices

The Simaxx platform is perfect for testing new devices and hardware that you are putting into your overall system. Being able to monitor everything in one place means that you can carry out a performance measurement task every time you want to test something new.

This can enable you to take accurate performance measures of anything you are putting into your business or industrial space without having to conduct a long, complex performance measurement routine. Simaxx will connect performance measurement data at all times, allowing you to draw that information out whenever it is needed for a deeper analysis.


The Simaxx platform can be a powerful starting point for a larger smart maintenance system. Being able to process data, carry out performance measurement work and focus on monitoring individual systems ensures that you always have the ability to react to a maintenance problem or request.

Simaxx’s pure versatility and flexibility make it more than a good example of a performance measurement tool. Simaxx has become the backbone of many companies’ maintenance systems, providing a versatile set of tools and systems that can be used for a huge variety of different purposes.

This versatility is what makes Simaxx such a useful platform for all kinds of maintenance and monitoring situations. Being able to adapt the reports you create and the criteria you are monitoring means that you can carefully adjust the data you gather to find a solution for every situation.


Simaxx is designed to be used alongside your existing services and tools as needed, letting you draw data from them to put back into the Simaxx platform. This means that you can use as many data-gathering options as needed to build up your maintenance information and do not necessarily have to change your existing methods to accommodate Simaxx.

This also means that you can make Simaxx a core part of your maintenance system without being locked out of your preferred tools. Maintaining building assets can be a difficult task, and dramatically changing your system would make it even harder to keep track of how your software and hardware are performing.

Integrating other services into the platform allows for an added level of flexibility and control. Each of the services and tools that you use can feed different data into Simaxx, giving you even more ways to produce useful reports and sets of information that you will find invaluable to the long-term maintenance of your business property.

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Simaxx can gather data from a range of sources and then compound the information down into a simpler format that allows one or two maintenance experts to manage an entire building of devices. This removes the need for more complex or costly solutions, such as using a basic artificial intelligence to try and sift through performance details.

Rather than relying on unreliable artificial intelligence or outsourcing your maintenance to a third party (both risky options for some companies), Simaxx provides a way to keep your maintenance measures in-house without having to cut back on your monitoring or invest in costly and experimental data management measures.

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Simaxx is secure but easy to access as needed, meaning that you can limit your building maintenance information to only the specialists that need it. However, this also means that you can review completed performance measures and service tests without needing to supply constant ID verification.

The data itself is also easy to reach. Simaxx can allow you to supply any amount of data and convert it into whatever format is most necessary at the time, meaning that different experts can tailor the data they see to their relevant needs. Different criteria and measures can be applied to narrow down the information it will supply to each user.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) data can easily be collected via Simaxx, meaning that you do not usually require any special measures, services or tools to make that possible. This matters a lot for any building with a wide variety of IoT devices or even a smart building (like a smart home).

Any commercial tool with sensors could theoretically be adapted to fit with Simaxx. The only limits are on how the connections are completed and your knowledge of how to connect those sensors to the platform. This enables even more options when it comes to monitoring and maintaining your business premises and services.

Smart maintenance is a comprehensive toolbox to create analytic rules and formulas that can be applied to equipment data models for rapid deployment.

Performance Measurement

Preconfigured analytic rules can be applied quickly to mechanical plants and coupled within Simaxx. Rules provide the insights to allow site performance to be continuously monitored. Maintain focus on the current performance of equipment and plant rather than using scheduled PPM.

Plant Modelling

The key to Simaxx domain expertise is the wide range of plants and equipment that are already modelled within the platform.

The modelling facilitates the application of standard rules and the generation of insights.

Efficiency Enhancements

Automated insights into plant performance mean that labour resources can be focused on tasks that contribute to the business goals, safe in the knowledge that the plant is being monitored continuously.