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Whilst integral to organisational success and development, data reporting could be regarded as a time-consuming and monotonous exercise – without the tools needed to start reporting in a more understandable and relevant way.

Energy Consumption

Total energy consumption is a huge part of running any company or property, and this makes it a great example to show what Tyrrell Analytics can do. While primary energy consumption and global energy consumption are both very complex topics, Tyrrell Analytics can help you display your property’s energy usage much more effectively.


Choosing to document your energy consumption levels on a whim is never a bad thing. It may protect you from emissions levels investigations and ensure that you have a document to offer when and if your local authority chooses to demand information about your energy usage.

Energy Management Insights

Gain valuable insights into your environmental impact and energy usage with Tyrrell Analytics. Track fossil fuel consumption, emissions levels, energy production, heating costs, vehicle energy usage, and transport costs effortlessly. Stay compliant with emissions laws across multiple countries and make informed decisions for sustainable operations.

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How Tyrrell Analytics Helps

Tyrrell Analytics software integrates with your existing Building Management System or any other connected IoT devices – reporting tailored to your business needs – making it easier to track more complex variables – providing you with more relevant data, using stored data points, rules, and formulas.

Creating Reports

Our state-of-the-art reporting and monitoring tool allows you to easily print and read reports – making it simple to track data over both short and longer time periods. Simaxx offers free control over every report template and layout.


Our report templates will allow users to make more informed, more powerful decisions. You can create a simple system to funnel relevant data into one place for easy comparisons and analysis.

Managing Data

Using our report templates for reporting using stored data points, rules and formulas. This includes printing your reporting documents for required periods.

Air Quality

Air quality can have a huge impact on the productivity of workers. Simaxx offers powerful reporting tools from IoT devices that can be used to check and measure air quality as well as CO2 monitoring.


Occupant Wellbeing

Reporting on air quality in occupied spaces by recording air quality to maintain the desired environment for optimum productivity.

Report Templates

Customisable compliance reporting with weekly and monthly reports for governance, incorporating standard energy consumption metrics. Easy-to-print templates ensure efficient data presentation and analysis for optimised cost and energy management.

Simplify Data Management for Efficient Energy Use

Annual Report Template:

Summarise emissions and energy data from the previous year, including electricity generation and natural gas usage.

Demand Report Template:

Identify critical energy needs during crises or shortages, ensuring efficient allocation of resources.

Production Report Template:

Track energy production trends and compare performance within your industry effortlessly.

Emissions Report Template:

Monitor total emissions over time, which is crucial for compliance and sustainability efforts.

Percentage Change Report Template:

Analyse fluctuations in energy consumption relative to averages, providing insights for optimisation.

Renewable Energy Report Template:

Showcase success in renewable energy adoption and its impact on operations.

Department-Specific Report Template:

Pinpoint energy usage by department, facilitating targeted efficiency improvements.

With Tyrrell Analytics intelligent analytics, automate data reporting and gain actionable insights to drive informed decision-making in energy management.

Improve Data Visibility

By seamlessly integrating with existing systems and IoT devices, Tyrrell Analytics simplifies the tracking of complex variables, providing relevant data points, rules, and formulas to enhance decision-making. 

Our state-of-the-art reporting and monitoring tool ensures easy printing and readability of reports, enabling effortless tracking of data trends over short and long periods.

With Simaxx’s report templates, users can make informed decisions backed by insightful data analysis. Leverage stored data points, rules, and formulas to generate reports tailored to your business requirements, and print reports for any desired time frame.

From recording and storing data to analysis and reporting, Tyrrell Analytics adapts to suit the needs of any business, empowering you to make smarter, more strategic choices for energy management.