Thank you for your ongoing custom. It has been nearly 9 months since Simaxx was acquired by Tyrrell Building Technologies and we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to prepare Simaxx for the next wave of analytics, visualisation and to be able to take Simaxx to the edge! So far, we have added some great enhancements, which we are due to roll out soon in an update. Here are a few to be aware of.

Estate Manager

We are excited to have now integrated maps in Simaxx as part of our Estate Manager enhancement. All your sites are now visible with Active Push Pins! When you click on a pin, you get to see a mini-dash view pop-up of the site performance. You can even filter your map view to prioritise the Push Pin highlights based on your chosen KPI.
One-click on the mini-dash pop-out takes you straight to the analytics view for the site so you can get directly to the data to review any issues and insights Simaxx is providing. You can even make Estate Manager your default view when you login to Simaxx, which is perfect for FM’s and Managers who get 90% of what they need via the Map view.

User Reports

News about the new simaxx update
As well as the awesome power of SSRS reports from the in-built SQL services, we are also pleased to announce the introduction of Custom User Reports. Now anyone can create beautiful A4 reports from right within the Simaxx Unified User Experience. Add gauges, photos, KPI gauges, graphics and tables into your own pages and run the report any time, compiling for PDF, print and email.

The latest feature to come in the upcoming release is Add-Ons. For each user, you can now create a fully integrated full-screen web view of any remote system, so you can see third party applications, weather channels and even the news, all without leaving the Simaxx portal.

Tridium Niagara Integration

We have now created a full toolset for Niagara, offering the fastest possible integration of historical data from any system connected to Niagara, directly into Simaxx. Automatic Data Coupling for data points works with the extensive Simaxx tagging library so as soon as the data is in Simaxx, it is ready for building straight into your required analytical algorithms, dashboards and views.

With over 975,000 instances of Niagara around the world, Niagara brings connectivity and integration with more BMS and IoT systems than any other platform since Niagara supports all open protocols and numerous proprietary ones right out of the box. The Simaxx Niagara toolset is free for all Simaxx users and is pre-loaded on all Niagara based controllers from Tyrrell products, including our latest Niagara 4 powered eBMS/IoT-Gateway.

Simaxx Realtime Edge

We have made some big steps recently to support our development of Simaxx to run on controllers and hardware on site, giving Simaxx the opportunity to bring all of its value in real-time process control and automation applications. This step has required some major enhancements to our SaaS platform, where we have increased the speed of disk access from 65k IOPS to 90k IOPS, which allows us to start testing with higher sampling rates than ever before.

In addition, we can now offer complete data and processing segregation for enterprise customers, improve load balancing for incoming BMS and IoT data and improve security and routing. During this time if you do experience any issues please be sure to get straight in touch and our support team will solve any problems but be assured, your data and your insights are safe.

Despite these incredibly difficult times during the global pandemic, we have been working our socks off behind the scenes to make 2021 the next year even bigger for Simaxx and our customers. We sincerely hope you stay safe and stick with us to enjoy our ongoing developments and the benefits they will bring to your business, your buildings and your customers. 
Warm Regards,
Ged Tyrrell CEO