Workspace Optimisation

Space utilisation metrics are an important part of office space management. Workplace managers need to keep factors like space occupancy rate and employee productivity in mind if they are seeking tangible improvements in the workplace.

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What is Space Optimisation?

Space optimisation is all about making effective use of limited real estate. There are a variety of common space utilisation metrics used to judge if an office space is being used in an efficient way, and given time, this data can provide important metrics for further improvement.

Optimizing an organization’s space is not just about making sure that there are spare desks or that the floor plan allows for easy movement. It is about the operation of the entire office and the ability for employees to do their jobs unimpeded and without further problems.

By optimizing a space, you are slowly but surely improving the office’s ability to work as a businesses premise. These may only be small and incremental changes, but even the slightest tweak can be enough to improve employee efficiency, draw in more talent, or even just allow for more specialists to be hired in a small office space.

How does office Space Optimisation affect the organisation?

Effective space utilisation is important for any office space or other workplace. An optimised workspace leads to higher productivity and efficiency, but there are many different aspects to consider – and measure – depending on the nature of the organisation itself.

Smart workplace space utilisation means that facility managers look at how office space is being used, as well as total space occupancy and the total number of employees working within those organizations. 

Almost every aspect of an office, from technology to how many people have permanent desks, depends on good space utilization.

How to Lower Your Bills

Space Occupancy

Space occupancy refers to the number of employees within the office at any given time. Whether gathered through a headcount or technology like occupancy sensors, being able to calculate space occupancy gives a company an important baseline.

It is important to maintain the right amount of space to meet the demand of your employees. Different services, departments, systems and facilities consume different averages of space. 

Facility managers need to employ smart workplace management systems and solutions to monitor what their employees are using.

More employees mean more rooms, desks, and overall capacity requirements. Placing employees in rooms or spaces over capacity will create an uncomfortable environment and damage their productivity and efficiency.

Space Utilisation

Space occupancy also relies on good space utilization. The two go hand-in-hand. Space utilization is your occupancy divided by capacity: a percentage of how much office space is being used.

If your employees are not using all of a workplace or facility, then the facility managers are paying an excess cost for space that is seeing zero usage. 

Sometimes employees need to be spread out from occupied areas to gain a larger square footage per person, and in other cases, utilization exceeds what employees need overall.

Smart workplace utilization allows employers to create solutions for problems before an employee can notice them. As an example, more square footage for conference rooms means that there will be more conference rooms available, taking pressure off an existing shared meeting room.

Poor space utilization can result in problems like employees all trying to book meeting rooms at once and flooding the meeting rooms with meeting room reservations. This puts pressure on occupied meeting rooms and leads to uncomfortable meetings or tensions between departments.

How Simaxx can help monitor the workspace?

The Simaxx platform acts as a powerful monitoring and information-gathering tool, offering your workplace an integrated and powerful way to manage the office workplace and its occupancy as needed.

Proper workplace occupancy and utilization are an important part of building a stable future for your company, and having the option to measure and manage them well is important. Simaxx can integrate into office spaces of any size and can be tweaked to offer custom monitoring options for any number of spaces and departments.

Simaxx offers a valuable toolset that can be extremely important in any industry. An organization needs to manage its own workplace well if it wants to succeed, and letting internal problems linger can only pass the delays and issues along to customers or clients.

With Simaxx, the goal is not to panic and try to find an immediate solution but to analyse valuable information and come up with reasonable responses. An organization needs to plan ahead and take problems one step at a time, especially if they concern the operations of the office itself.

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Space Management Software

Being able to manage your workspace correctly – as well as manage factors like occupancy, meeting room reservations and company performance – is important. 

Building a future for any organization can require access to a whole host of raw data, and Simaxx offers the technology you need to turn that information into usable reports.

Alongside that, Simaxx provides an invaluable way to build a smart workplace that can account for all kinds of changes and current issues, from social distancing requirements to making data-driven decisions based on total occupancy. No matter the situation, you can use Simaxx to measure your findings and create workplace solutions with ease.

It is easy to integrate Simaxx into your existing software and systems. For example, a smart workplace can install occupancy sensors and tie them into Simaxx for real-time occupancy data, then connect the platform to their office workspace servers. 

This allows Simaxx to be totally integrated into the workplace, whether that is by simply gathering sensor data from motion sensors or becoming a core part of how your organization operates.

A smart workplace can make all the difference. Through Simaxx, you can develop your own smart workplace system by connecting a wide range of tools and software, allowing you to gather and measure a wide variety of metrics for building your business’s future and correcting workplace shortfalls.

Benefits for Stakeholders

Stakeholders can enjoy a more productive business with a stable employee base. It can also enable benefits like more specialised departments to break into new technology and software markets, better budget management, and easier access to particular department performance details.

Smart workplace monitoring through platforms like Simaxx gives stakeholders more raw data to look through, letting them measure overall performance. It can also be a push towards a fully smart workplace, allowing for the integration of promising new technology and additional solutions to common workplace problems.

Handling workplace utilization and occupancy correctly mean more than just counting empty desks. You need to be building a reliable system for monitoring every aspect of the office workplace, from office occupancy to the overall amount of office employees you are able to hire effectively with your current floorplan arrangement.