Workplace Wellbeing

Effective wellbeing policies are important for keeping employees safe, productive, and focused on their work. Employing performance management systems is not enough to manage and maintain employee wellbeing standards, whether that is mental health or physical wellbeing.

The Simaxx platform can allow any everyday business to promote a better workplace culture for employee wellbeing, eliminating concerns for long-term workforce performance while allowing an employer to monitor and manage staff in a way that benefits their health.

What is meant by Workplace Wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing can cover a range of factors. This refers to not only the health and safety of an office space but also factors that directly influence tenants of a building – mental health issues, anxiety, emotional distress, physical health, and various other critical factors.

Improving Wellbeing

Many employers must provide support to their employees if they want to see greater performance. An employee can’t deliver results consistently if they are struggling with mental health issues, worried about their financial wellbeing, or constantly losing focus due to a lack of healthy self-care measures.

What Can Simaxx Offer Support For?

Often, employers unknowingly contribute to this anxiousness and understanding how to prevent stress and promote workplace wellbeing is important. Many organisations are completely unaware of workplace wellbeing issues.

Simaxx can allow employers and organisation to develop support systems, gather survey results, and make changes to ensure that employees deliver results consistently and safely.

Employee Wellbeing

Above all else, general wellbeing is important for any business. Simaxx can be invaluable for keeping employees comfortable, healthy, safe, and focused.

Wellbeing Monitoring

Risk Assessments

Above all else, Simaxx is ideal for risk assessment work and producing risk reports. These can be invaluable for tracking workplace wellbeing results and investigating potential risks or problems that are impacting a site’s employees.

Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental wellness in the workplace directly impacts employee engagement. An organisation that protects its employees can see greater workplace performance while also ensuring that said employees remain comfortable and feel safe at their desks.

Employees Mental Health at Home

If an employee’s work hours cover around one-third of their day, that leaves two-thirds where various aspects of life can impact them. Workplace wellbeing options can help alleviate issues brought in from home, reducing employee anxiety while they work.

Good Health Support Options

Simaxx can make it easier to employ and manage a range of workplace wellbeing support options and services, improving general health and comfort standards.

Healthy Workplace Standards

Improving general workplace standards becomes much easier with Simaxx, allowing you to monitor and compare whatever data is most relevant to your situation. This includes keeping your business premises healthy and safe for employees to use consistently.

Air Quality

Air quality is an important part of keeping a space safe, and Simaxx can be used to monitor air quality directly through a variety of sensor options and data-gathering methods.

Light Levels

Simaxx also provides an important platform for checking light levels against workplace wellbeing standards.


Temperature levels are an important detail for business leaders to monitor and can directly impact employee productivity. Simaxx allows you to track temperature changes and identify areas of improvement that may rectify uncomfortable working conditions.


Like temperature, Simaxx can also be used to track humidity in the workplace.


It is possible to use Simaxx to manage noise levels. Loud noises can damage employee wellbeing and comfort, especially during long business hours.

Health Standards

General health standards need to be observed at all times. Simaxx allows companies to compare themselves to the standards set by other organisations.

Support for Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can manifest in many ways, and providing support for employee mental health is not easy. Simaxx can allow a large organisation to manage individual hires without being overwhelmed by data.

Wellness Programmes

Simaxx can be a good tool for scheduling regular programmes and workshops to improve workplace wellbeing, whether that means mental health or physical fitness.

COVID 19 Protection

COVID-19 poses a very real health risk to many vulnerable workers or those with vulnerable families. Simaxx makes it easier to develop support and restrictions for dealing with COVID-19 effectively.

Food Choices

Organisations that provide food to employees can take steps to promote healthy eating, with Simaxx acting as the main monitoring and data-logging tool for tracking employee eating trends.

Workplace Culture

Workplace culture plays a large part in employee wellbeing. Senior HR leaders need to manage the culture being placed upon new or vulnerable hires.

Essential Employees Work Remotely

Simaxx can provide the monitoring needed to establish remote working and embrace the concept of a hybrid workplace.


Simaxx can serve as a way to survey results from individual employees and offer relevant support and resources, ensuring that each worker gets the information they need to manage their own wellbeing – both within and outside of the workplace.

Compliance With Health and Wellbeing Standards

Wellbeing standards are an important part of any functional workplace. However, there are actually multiple sets of standards that an organisation may choose to follow.


Simaxx can be invaluable for organisations pursuing WELL health and wellbeing standards, as well as their standards of health leadership in the workplace.


Simaxx also provides a solid foundation for following RESET standards, focused on sustainable, efficient and healthy workplace environments.

Comparisons to Other Organisations

Simaxx makes it easy to compare business culture, employee wellbeing, employer leadership and overall health standards to other companies. As long as you have access to data relating to these companies, you can use it as a way to compare your own efforts to other organisations.

What are the benefits to all stakeholders?

Better wellbeing and higher health standards mean more efficient workers, leading to better services for customers.

This means many benefits for stakeholders: more profitable business services, a clearer business agenda towards employee health, and often a faster rate of growth.


Higher performance means greater growth, and greater growth means better returns for stakeholders.


Hiring new employees becomes much easier when you can present them with a safe, comfortable work environment.

This can even allow you to poach talent from other companies that fail to accommodate working parents or people with specific conditions, etc.

Safety Standards

Meeting higher safety standards means fewer negative inspections and better overall press. You want your customer base (and potential hires) to read articles about how good your office space is for staff with mental health issues or high anxiety levels.

How does Simaxx help to Manage key metrics contributing to Wellbeing in the Office?

Simaxx is a powerful data management and reporting platform that can be used for a wide variety of purposes – including office wellbeing.


Senior leaders and line managers can integrate Simaxx into their existing services and monitoring systems to track employee wellbeing risks and threats, all while comparing themselves to peer companies.

Securing Future Growth

Tackling issues such as this ahead of time can make it much easier for a company to grow in the future. Even the smallest steps towards improving employee care standards can make a huge difference in how a business grows.