Niagara Integration Connector

The core purpose of Simaxx is to deliver efficient and effective data analysis options for a range of building-focused and/or plant-related purposes. Whether that means managing the power usage of climate control systems or focusing on compliance monitoring and mould mitigation, Simaxx is designed to serve many different roles within the same digital platform.

To make this goal possible, we have carefully developed the ability for Simaxx to integrate seamlessly with the Niagara framework, to enable building managers to tackle energy usage and inefficiency more effectively. Through this kind of integration, the power and benefits of Niagara can be leveraged alongside Simaxx’s efficient data architecture.

Why Integrate Simaxx and Niagara?

The Niagara framework is well-known for being an in-depth infrastructure that focuses on real-time data and operational management, something that Simaxx also specialises in. Both tools are meant for slightly different purposes, each bringing its own strengths to the table when used independently.

By integrating your existing Niagara usage into Simaxx, you can gain access to all of the same Niagara benefits and features while relying on the effective data management and analysis support offered by Simaxx. This not only makes it easier to identify important pieces of operational data within your property or business systems but provides you with a functional data warehouse and analysis platform for developing in-depth solutions to existing operational problems.

We have tried to make integration as seamless and smooth as possible, allowing all existing Niagara users to perform direct integration with Simaxx. Once integrated, data can be shared flawlessly between both platforms, allowing Simaxx to become your ideal analysis platform while still allowing Niagara to function as a powerful control system for a range of devices and business software programs.

Integration Benefits

Simaxx’s structure has been constructed with the expectation of being used alongside a range of other tools, as well as being a core platform for managing a huge range of operational devices and hardware. This could be temperature control systems, ventilation, or even something far more specific that only applies to certain areas of the building.

By integrating these two platforms into a single bespoke system, it becomes possible to feed data from the Niagara platform into the Simaxx data receiving gateway. By doing this, Niagara’s strengths can be used alongside Simaxx’s effective data architecture, giving each platform far more flexibility. Beyond that, they both provide similar benefits towards managing data, allowing your business to develop data-driven solutions to long-term and short-term problems much more reliably.

Other core benefits of linking the two platforms together include the following:


By integrating Simaxx and Niagara, the two platforms become capable of communicating with one another. While this may sound like an obvious benefit, it provides far more functionality than you may first think.

For example, Niagara can share information with Simaxx, allowing you to pool even more data into one platform rather than having to manually transfer or re-input important information. This simple integration can not only streamline the entire data-gathering process but can open up even more options for making sure that important information is stored correctly and effectively in the right places.


Integrating these two platforms together is a form of centralising your data, ensuring that Simaxx and Niagara N4 can work together rather than needing to be treated as two separate systems. Not only does this open up far more options for managing the data that you have gathered, but it also enables a range of different ways to approach whatever problems your property or plant is currently facing.

By centralising this kind of data, different problems can be tackled by different people, all using the same platforms at the same time. While this might sound simple, the impact is significant, especially when working across multiple sites or offices that may all need to pool information into the same platform or spread data across different departments.


Combining Simaxx and Niagara opens up far more flexibility with both platforms, allowing the two to benefit from each other’s strengths without overlapping in ways that cause even more conflicts. This added versatility can make both platforms incredibly useful for a range of analytical purposes, allowing for greater depth and understanding of the data that you have been able to gather across your business premises.

This kind of flexibility opens up more avenues for creative thinking and direct problem-solving. Niagara allows for control of a diverse range of devices, whereas Simaxx provides effective monitoring and data management: combining the two ensures that more information can be gathered and used to produce invaluable reports, proposed solutions, or even predictions of future risks that can be prevented ahead of time.

Data Sourcing

The Niagara framework can serve as an invaluable source of data for further analysis in Simaxx. Integrating the two together can allow data to be gathered from even more sources, allowing for a wider range of information to be processed and analysed with minimal disruption to your existing systems.

Many larger businesses and company premises rely on a wide range of different data-sourcing options, and this can create situations where raw information is coming in far too fast for a single person to process. Simaxx is designed to accommodate all types of big data, offering ways to store raw data alongside processed and refined reports while still keeping them both fully accessible and ready for use.

Further Integration

Integrating compatibility with the Niagara framework into Simaxx allowed us to open up even more possibilities for further expansion and integration. Having both platforms connected in this way makes it even easier to connect your digital data warehouse to new hardware and software.

Since both Niagara and Simaxx can be linked to other platforms and tools as needed, the number of unique options and systems a business can develop effectively doubles in scope. Having access to a range of different data, all through a single platform, can be a powerful resource for long-term planning, giving you a better chance of making the most of your business and resources.

Remote Access

As cloud-based systems, both Simaxx and Niagara offer remote access to various features and functions. Whether you are accessing the information on a mobile phone or desktop application, you can use both platforms effectively regardless of your current circumstances, keeping important data accessible to all employees that have access. Being able to make data-driven decisions on short notice can be quite a common situation, and Simaxx aims to make that process easier.

This level of access – especially when combined with the security features of Simaxx – ensures that sensitive data can be gathered and managed across multiple locations without additional risk. Information can also be reviewed and used to generate reports with very little downtime, ensuring that it is always fully accessible when needed.


We can provide quick, easy, and reliable integration between Simaxx and Niagara. While an understanding of both platforms will make everything easier, we have worked to make sure that the two platforms can be connected flawlessly to allow for easy and hassle-free data sharing.

Whether you are using Simaxx and Niagara to manage internet of things devices or larger-scale industrial equipment, each platform brings its own unique skills to the table. This bespoke integration can be a powerful combination that gives a business an enhanced level of data management, analysis, processing, sharing and security.