Estate and Facilities Management

Estate managers are tasked with managing the land owned by an organisation. This means keeping the property in good condition, protecting it from long-term damage, and managing everything from budgetary information to the amount of income the property is generating.

Strategic benchmarking of estates and properties makes it very easy to judge the performance and investment value of any given site, whether that is an active business location or an empty lot that has yet to be developed.

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Simaxx provides a valuable set of tools for any estate manager. A user can develop their own performance benchmarking systems, focus on data collection and process mapping, or draw in data from their own industry to compare against internal benchmarking work. The Simaxx platform allows for a flexible approach to a range of process improvements and management tasks.

Simaxx for Estate Management

Estate management can mean a lot of things to a lot of different organizations. However, no matter if an estate manager works primarily with individual customers or entire organizations, they need to follow best practices when handling sensitive information. This means that good-quality reports and data logging options are needed.

Using Simaxx, organizations can focus on invaluable techniques and strategies that would normally require a lot of time and effort to do effectively. This includes benchmarking, creating reports meant for customers and investors, or even simply converting raw data into a usable format.

Simaxx offers a huge range of tools and systems for dealing with all kinds of reporting, information managing and benchmarking needs. This provides estate managers with countless ways to handle multiple properties at once, cutting down on their basic workload while also offering a suite of new options.

The Simaxx platform is meant to be versatile and flexible, allowing each estate manager to process their raw information in a way that suits their needs. This also means that individual companies and organizations have complete control over how they form their reports and documents.

Data Handling

Any organisation needs a way to store information for future use, and Simaxx makes it easier to store information related to your current industry objectives. This makes it a powerful set of facility management tools, giving estate managers insight into a site’s current performance and letting them evaluate changes as they are made.

Being able to store and recall historic data accurately allows for a clear examination of your own processes, along with best practice benchmarking and additional ways to develop new property managing strategies. This can be invaluable across all industries and property types, giving an estate manager valuable insight into the properties that they manage.

Managing this much information is something that Simaxx does well and has been able to do for countless satisfied customers. An estate manager may be responsible for well over a dozen properties, which means that conventional reporting tools may not be enough to keep up with the complex nature of their job. Simaxx takes you a step beyond those tools.

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Historical Storage

Simaxx retains information for as long as you need it. It functions as a platform to provide excellent reporting and benchmarking support, offering historical project information that dates back to whenever the project was first integrated into Simaxx.

A data warehousing service allows Simaxx to store data from external sites imported in a format that can then be used by Simaxx for benchmarking tasks. This means that you can take whatever measures are necessary to handle project benchmarking. If this means drawing benchmarking data from technology several years old, then Simaxx allows you to do so – or import information from partners and other companies in the same niche.


Good-quality information can be ruined by bad formatting. Simaxx allows you to follow best practices when handling documents. You can even create high-quality customer-facing documents as needed.

Simaxx’s flexible approach to formatting allows you to adhere to best practices and quality standards while pulling information into a usable format. Even if you draw that information from other sites, it is not hard to use Simaxx to pull multiple sources into the same document.

Portfolio Management Estate View Creation

Formatting your data correctly is one of the best practices for handling estate managing work. Many organizations and companies across every industry struggle to process estate management information, but building your own “estate view” system is easy with Simaxx.

The Simaxx platform provides support and excellent flexibility when handling new information. You can create a report that measures any metrics you need, pull in internal benchmarking information as an example, and even use your new information to produce a practical guide on your business recommendations.

In short, Simaxx allows you to produce quality documents using real information that you process. This could be for benchmarking, business best practices, industry meetings with other companies, technology tests, investor documents, or even press releases for clients.

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Reporting on your organization is important. This could be reports on whether or not you achieve company objectives, internal performance gaps, customer satisfaction levels, new technologies that you are teasing, or even just basic insights into your organization.

The reporting process requires information to be displayed in a usable form, and Simaxx is one of the tools best suited to turning data into high-quality formatted reports. In this form, your data can be used to guide your organization to achieve new goals, meet best practices guidelines, or process data more efficiently.

Report Formats

Simaxx makes formatting information easy. This allows for superior performance when trying to get important information out of the process, such as performance gaps or benchmarking information from other companies.

You can use Simaxx to support your current goals, no matter how specific those measures are. Any company or business within any industry can benefit from using Simaxx for property portfolio managing work.

Reports for Estate Managers

Estate managing involves a lot of information, all of which needs to be handled in accordance with best practice standards. Organizations with a lot of active sites or customer-facing properties may struggle to juggle so much information while also performing regular benchmarking checks and countless other duties or practices.

Simaxx allows an estate manager to take control of their information, drawing data from a facility management app or existing report to provide powerful benchmarking options. The benchmarking results can be used to construct high-quality reports that fit your needs, allowing for even more control over the information your organization handles.

Benchmarking Studies

A benchmarking study compares your current data or process against past processes. This allows you to judge how your current processes and performance stack up against past company data or whatever else you use as a benchmark (leading competitors, internal business processes, partner organizations).

Simaxx makes it easy to produce a benchmarking study report. The platform can process information into a usable format, allowing you to take direct measures to judge your past and current processes and services through custom metrics that are relevant to you, your competitors and your partners.

Performance Benchmarking

Managing projects for many buildings – all spread across various locations – often requires specialised tools. An estate manager’s portfolio could contain any number of sites, and all of them will require independent maintenance.

Simaxx provides a useful platform for building your own portfolio management system, combined with benchmarking results to let you judge each of your investments independently. The better you understand your site and business performance, the easier it becomes to manage the most valuable properties and projects first.

Benchmarking information is one of the core parts of managing properties effectively, so using the right tools is important for getting the information processed and prepared. Simaxx is one of the best ways to ensure that you can produce reports that make sense and offer practical value to your business.

software or more direct benchmarking of things like repair costs and property cleanliness, this can still be important.


Benchmarking your own business or company allows you to start planning quality improvements based on your overall estate-managing performance metrics. Simaxx allows you to define these metrics, making the term “benchmark” a very flexible part of your reporting system.