Corporate Social Responsibility

Many business activities cause environmental issues that the world has become increasing conscious of. These environmental concerns have forced many companies to take Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into account during their operations.

Simaxx provides a useful toolset for sustainable investing and managing environmental risks, allowing a company to operate with more focus on these important ESG factors. Through the Simaxx platform, you can monitor and measure your ESG performance metrics, allowing you to appease any ESG investing parties looking for a socially responsible investing opportunity.

Taking Responsibility

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks are an important part of operating a business. While financial performance is the most likely thing to impact investing and overall success, many investors are taking ESG issues into account, and unprepared businesses struggle to match them.

Environmental, Social and Governance focuses on the social side of capital markets and rapid growth. More and more investors are turning to ESG investing, pooling their money into sustainable investing opportunities that minimise environmental impact and reduce waste.

Companies moving towards sustainability serve a dual purpose: they are appealing to investors while also slashing carbon emissions, incorporating a diverse range of employees, and disclosing information clearly to better facilitate decision-making and expansion in the modern world.

For the Planet

ESG investing is a long-term concept. Socially responsible investing ensures that investors are focusing on companies that are making better use of the planet, avoiding human and animal rights issues, and generally being a force for change and improvement within their society. 

With sustainability and diversity becoming increasingly more important, ESG has become an important detail in most investment strategies. Investors want to know that they are making investment choices they are comfortable with.

For your Company

Naturally, investors who focus on ESG are also going to prefer investing in companies that meet their ESG standards. This means that many companies focus on Environmental, Social and Governance factors as a way of earning more attention from ESG investing sources.

Focusing on these Environmental, Social and Governance elements can be important for the planet, but it can also open your organisation up to more ESG investing opportunities. By focusing on ESG issues, your company can solve two problems at once.

Simaxx for ESG Analytics

ESG factors are not a simple checkbox. ESG risks are ever-present, and while ESG investing focuses will encourage companies to make changes, the ESG factors still need to be properly monitored and measured to identify successful changes or areas for improvement.

The Simaxx platform allows for in-depth monitoring of ESG factors, allowing you to monitor your ESG strategy and find points of success based on your chosen ESG metrics. With stakeholders increasingly informing their decisions on ESG factors, Simaxx provides the best way to track these increasingly important details within your organisation.

Data Collection

Having a single place to collect important Environmental, Social and Governance data can be incredibly helpful. ESG criteria can cover a huge range of different elements and ideas, many of which are monitored in specific ways or require certain tools to measure.

Funnelling all of this information into the Simaxx platform provides you with a single place to manage all of this data, allowing you to measure and compare different pieces of information without relying on multiple tools. No matter your company size, this can be a valuable benefit and something that helps you avoid over-complicating your ESG monitoring methods.


Gathering raw data about your company’s environmental impacts and governance issues can be important, but that does not make the information usable. ESG criteria can be hard to break down at first, especially in a larger company with much more data to manage.

Simaxx can allow you to format this data into whatever form suits your needs, letting you glean whatever information you need from the raw data. This provides a reliable platform for you to pick apart your findings and base your decision-making on the ESG criteria you are monitoring.


Producing reports on ESG metrics allows you to present them to shareholders and investors, as well as the general public. For example, ESG reports showing that indirect greenhouse gas emissions have dropped will make ESG investing prospects favour your organisation more.

Simaxx provides an effective way to turn raw data into a suitable report, allowing you to break down the information into something that clearly displays your stances and efforts regarding ESG issues.

Monitoring ESG Factors

ESG issues do not always have direct ESG scores that you can adhere to. Environmental, Social and Governance problems can extend beyond financial factors, and that means that there may be additional methods of monitoring that you need to turn to.

Understanding the factors behind ESG investing is important if you want to remain a choice option when it comes to investment industry-wide. Simaxx can help you collect a vast range of data that could be relevant to your stakeholders or sources of future investments.

Environmental ESG Considerations

Environmental factors cover all kinds of environmental impacts, from climate change to deforestation. Investors are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues all across the world, and sustainability has become a very desirable trait for investment.

Taking these factors into account is extremely important if you want to remain a competitive target in the ESG investing space, especially if high-value institutional investors are involved.


Emissions can be monitored through simple data-gathering. Simaxx provides a platform to start logging and reporting this kind of data clearly, letting you present your lowering emissions as full reports that can satisfy ESG investing groups.

Tracking your emissions can be done in a range of ways, but no matter how you do it, Simaxx provides the best space to collect and manage that data. 

Energy Use

Energy use can also be very relevant when looking at ESG factors. Excessive power use is a big problem when it comes to ESG and can impact investing quite severely – especially if the higher power usage is also costing your organisation a lot more money than necessary.

Simaxx can help you present your totals, letting you store and retrieve historical data to compare your current ESG energy score to previous years.


Most moves towards sustainability allow you to measure how sustainable your organisation is being. By collecting ESG data regarding your shift to sustainable materials or power sources, you can actively promote your shift towards sustainability, using it as both a marketing tool and a way to source more investments.

The Simaxx platform allows you to import ESG data from almost any source, which could include information on how your company has grown more sustainable over the years. From there, it is simply a matter of making a functional ESG report.

Climate Change Prevention

If your business is doing anything to prevent climate change directly – whether that is planting trees or using green power – then having quantifiable data behind it can make your case much more meaningful.

Simaxx is a great platform for taking this kind of data and converting it into a worthwhile report, either for institutional investors or the general public.

Social ESG Investing

Socially responsible investing means that many ESG investing parties will avoid companies that do unethical or questionable things. While some practices have negative externalities, a few are outright harmful to the employees of your business or the customers you are claiming to support.


Negative screening means that companies are judged on things deemed “unsustainable”, and quality is a major cause for negative screening. An organisation that does not treat all employees or customers as equals – especially due to racism or discrimination – will usually be ignored entirely.

Even if your organisation does not promote inequality, it is still important to present your current stances to the world. ESG investments rely on companies making their positions on Environmental, Social and Governance issues clear, and Simaxx can make it much easier to report on the work that you have done in the name of equality.


Diversity is a hot-button issue in many parts of the world, but it can still be an important ESG factor to consider. However, it is hard to champion diversity if you have no statistics about your business’ own diverse nature.

Diverse spaces are very desirable for ESG investing, with many mutual funds and large-scale investors performing investment analysis work specifically to find companies that take in a diverse base of employees. Simaxx can make it far easier to promote your varied employee list, all while sticking to factual and provable ESG data.

Human and Animal Rights

Human rights and animal welfare are both elements that companies need to manage well. There are still large companies out there that regularly skirt the line of human rights violations, and many of them lose a lot of investment opportunities due to their questionable choices.

Most investors – ESG investing or otherwise – do not want their investment decisions to reflect violations of these rights. Simaxx allows you to put together reports showing that you are using ethical material sources, something that has become a major element of ESG in recent years.

Corporate Governance

Governance is directly connected to many ESG funds since most governance problems arise from how the company is managed. This means that things like corruption, bribery, unfair executive pay/compensation and risky business practices can all be grounds for ESG investing groups to turn to another company.


A big part of governance is growth. Many ESG investments rely on a company being able to prove that it aims for growth in the long term and that it has the sustainability to achieve those goals without major overhauls in who does the decision-making.

A company’s management structure can make or break the investments that it receives, and failing to show any signs of aiming for long-term growth can be a common pitfall.

General Corporate Governance

Corporate governance problems, such as heavy corruption, are a serious problem for any ESG investing mutual funds. Those involved in the investment decision-making process want strong leadership, as well as a management team that can take all Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations seriously.

Investment sources can’t always trust to get a financial return if their chosen investment companies are openly corrupt. They prefer investing in a provably “clean” company, something that you can prove through Simaxx reporting.

How Simaxx Helps

Having more internal controls over the way you fall into a third party’s investment process is important. ESG integration has become a major part of many financial institutions, and companies that avoid ESG integration altogether often lose out on important investing sources.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information can sometimes be vague and hard to quantify, but Simaxx provides companies with a way to promote themselves to investment companies without having to rely on awkward, forced advertising or promotional campaigns.

Shareholder rights mean that investors can simply leave their investment products if they are not happy with the path they are taking. This means that ESG efforts are not just about new investment options but retaining currently-investing parties through long-term ESG factors.

For example, if an organisation has been working to improve its impact on the environment over a five-year period, then that ESG environment data should be stored and used to promote the organisation instead of just locked away in a server. Investing opportunities come to companies that make their value and importance known.

ESG Integration for Investors and Mutual Funds

Simaxx is an incredibly effective platform for all kinds of ESG investing work. ESG investment has become a major talking point in the investment industry and markets, and ESG investing as a whole is becoming more commonplace. That means that it is important to appeal to ESG investment groups if you want to reach your full investing potential.

Without the backing of ESG investment, companies sometimes struggle to find the investment sources they need. A lot of major investors are committed at least partially to an ESG focus, and that makes non-ESG companies increasingly less likely to receive the investment support they need.

If you are looking to target ESG investing yourself, then Simaxx provides an ideal platform to start the process. ESG investment revolves around collecting and presenting ESG-related information, and Simaxx can easily be adapted to provide any number of ESG reporting options.