Continuous Air Balance Monitoring

Air balancing is a vital part of airflow testing, providing a way to ensure that a property’s HVAC systems are free from faults and flaws. Optimizing these systems allows for consistent air flow and comfort across all rooms, making it far easier to maintain the desired temperature throughout an entire building.

While this may be a simple concept, implementing this kind of system can be more complex than you might think. Simaxx provides a powerful set of tools to let you build your own fully flexible air pressure, temperature and quality management system from scratch.

Ventilation in Buildings

A property’s installed ventilation system directly influences factors like air imbalance, drastic temperature changes and dust build-up. Air moves through whatever passages it can, but this means that a poorly installed HVAC unit can result in major problems with getting a consistent air supply to all rooms.

Moving fresh air from room to room is only part of why ventilation matters so much. Good ventilation can offer plenty of useful advantages, but poor ventilation can make it hard for employees, equipment, or even customers to function effectively and comfortably within your property.

Fresh Air

Fresh air flow is important for employee productivity and tenant safety. Controlled air quality can ensure that each office department gets the benefits of fresh air rather than being forced to breathe stale air that might impact their focus, energy and productivity.

A large part of maintaining a fresh airflow is removing contaminants from the air and replacing stale and dirty air with a fresh source. This can require a lot of careful adjustments to the existing system, which is only really possible with a monitoring tool like Simaxx.


Air Flow

Air flow is also an important factor to manage on its own. Your air system needs to have a way to provide consistent airflow, whether that is to keep customers and employees safe and comfortable or to allow equipment to operate as intended.

Consistent airflow ensures that buildings remain safe for constant use. Even something as small as the introduction of additional ceiling fans can alter the way that the airflow moves through each room, and that can be difficult to monitor without outside tools.

Air Pressure/Room Pressure

High air pressure can disrupt your normal HVAC operations, as well as contribute towards various health issues. Given enough time, one zone’s room pressure could spread to other rooms, creating an uncomfortable working environment that can’t regulate itself properly.

Eliminating areas of high room pressure is vital for taking back control of an office environment, and it is important to measure the long-term pressure changes throughout each year using a professional platform like Simaxx. This can often be the only way to identify serious pressure problems.

What is Air Balancing?

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Air balancing is the process of equalizing the air pressure, quality, airflow and heat across a building. These factors can all be controlled with the right system, and air regulation features in place, making it easy to shift a room to your desired temperature and pressure levels.

Air balancing is not just about correcting the difference across rooms but making sure that all of those rooms can reach your chosen air balance levels. For example, maintaining a consistent airflow in HVAC applications across an entire building floor.

Why is Air Balancing critical to successful control of your building environment? 

A carefully controlled building environment is extremely important for any property. Airflow, temperature, pressure, and countless other factors can all impact the level of comfort tenants feel, which can kill productivity and efficiency far faster than many building managers expect.

For example, a spike in air pressure can cause extreme discomfort in business employees, as well as irritate any clients or customers that make an in-person visit. If you do not control the air pressure yourself, this can lead to a massive drop in productivity, as well as contributing towards long-term health conditions.

A lot of solutions to the problem – like opening some doors to normalise the room pressure – only impact a small zone or space. Air balancing aims to equalize these factors as closely as possible across an entire building (or floor of a building), ensuring more consistency and comfort for the tenants inside.

This can also be critical for some specific tasks or equipment that require highly controlled conditions. However, to do this, precise measurements often need to be taken, and that can require specific platforms and tools like Simaxx to do it accurately.

And why is that Critical for Commercial Real Estate companies?

Commercial real estate companies focus most of their energy on preparing and selling properties. However, issues with airflow can be a huge obstacle when attempting to sell off a property, as can problems with air pressure, temperature, and any other related factors.

Commercial real estate companies rely on every advantage they can get to achieve a profitable sale or lease, and that means doing more than just basic maintenance. Being able to control the air within a property is important for presenting it at its best, especially in a space that relies heavily on an effective HVAC system.

Presenting commercial real estate well means taking care of these issues, and that requires some extra work to ensure that the air within the property is suitable for commercial tenants. To do this, a lot of extra steps have to be taken, as well as the implementation of new systems to balance the air itself.

What are the reasons why Air balancing goes out of specified scope/targets?

There is a long list of possible causes behind air balance disruptions, as well as countless other specific situations where they can occur. Even a small mistake can contribute, like failing to account for air flow when opening up a dividing wall or updating part of a property’s energy system too hastily.

Air flow and quality rely on a huge range of factors and can be influenced by even the most minor differences between properties. Commercial spaces are far more likely to see this kind of disruption since they are generally far larger, more populated, and use a range of varied equipment.

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Property Layout

Sometimes the imbalanced air is purely due to the layout of a property. A space may not have been designed for effective ventilation or have been reworked multiple times without extra consideration being given to HVAC elements.

Improper Equipment

Not all property owners choose to supply their properties with equipment like dampers and effective HVAC units. This can mean that a buyer may end up receiving the property without the tools needed to filter out contaminants or control the flow of air to each zone of the building.

Duct Issues

Some ducts can be too small to support the required amount of airflow or have obstacles in them that restrict how effectively the fresh air supply can move. This can also include duct leakage obstacles, which make it hard to control where the air is being sent – and how much is actually reaching each room.

Office Equipment

In commercial spaces, not all air problems are due to the duct system. Some items may produce a lot of contamination, as well as raise temperatures in a particular room. A powerful computer system tends to raise the ambient temperature when it begins to heat up, as can many other electronic tools and systems.

Property Tenants

The more people there are working in a small space, the more important a good HVAC system becomes. 

Achieving a satisfactory level of environmental control means adapting the existing systems to deal with body heat, dust, and anything else that could influence the comfort of a tightly packed space.

How does Simaxx help with Air Balancing? 

Simaxx provides an invaluable platform for creating an effective air-balancing system. Managing the air balance of an entire building is a tough task that can’t be done without gathering the relevant data, and that often means employing some specific tools to make the job possible.

Through Simaxx, you can continuously observe key pressures and factors associated with your property’s overall air suitability, making it much easier to identify and achieve a balance. Simaxx itself features a wide range of benefits to allow for much more effective information-gathering and air-monitoring options.


Using Simaxx, a property manager can create a system to monitor air quality through various sensor components or similar tools. This could be a complex web of zone-specific components to record and anticipate heat loads and high pressure or just a simple monitoring system to use alongside air control and balance tools.

Either way, Simaxx can enable a building manager to gather data on specific areas room-by-room, recording everything from high-pressure periods to leakage risks. This data can then be used in reports and analysed to find potential solutions to these air problems.

Having the option to track so much information means that historical data is important, and Simaxx can store an effectively unlimited amount of historical information for later analysis and comparison. This means that it becomes much easier to compare current details and statistics against information from any relevant period.


Simaxx is suitable for almost any kind of data analysis, whether that is fan speed and energy efficiency or overall air quality and temperature. Simaxx ensures that a building manager can create valuable reports using real data to propose precise adjustments.

This also allows experts to carry out the work themselves and gain valuable insights from the systems they maintain and monitor. 

Using Simaxx to compare air flow efficiency and flow direction across a specific period can help you gain an understanding of where cracks in the system might be, allowing you to identify and repair leaks.

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By networking a range of easy-to-install devices together, you can give Simaxx a constant stream of data, covering a range of both specific (fan speed on the upper floors) and generalised (air temperature across the building) information. How you choose to use this data depends on the air quality and flow problems your property is currently facing.


Using Simaxx for this kind of information analysis work makes it easy to respond to these problems effectively. 

Leaks, fan speed issues, cracks in ducts, temperature drops, floor temperature leaks, low-quality air, and flow issues can all be resolved if you have the right information to deal with the problem rather than the symptoms.

Simaxx makes a big difference in tackling air flow problems, as well as any issues related to temperature, energy consumption, or even wall insulation and the direction of the flow through vent systems. These are all measurable issues that require data to resolve rather than just more materials or a larger budget.

Even something basic, like ceiling fans not pushing air in the right direction, can be better measured if you understand the ceiling fan speed and any associated data. Breaking down a property into a zone system and minoring individual parts of the HVAC system can make a significant impact on how easily the issues can be resolved.

Future Air Balancing

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Having a system in place to observe air flow can be a major source of futureproofing for a property. 

Expanding Simaxx to also include details like energy usage means that you can pool all maintenance data into a single platform, allowing for incredibly easy management and comparisons as needed.

It is easy to keep growing Simaxx’s importance in your property as it expands or changes. You can integrate the Simaxx platform into an almost endless list of different data-gathering tools, meaning that there are very few problems that the platform cannot provide support and data management for.

Beyond that, Simaxx serves as an excellent foundation for a completely custom monitoring system. While air flow might be the immediate priority, it is easy to expand your monitoring methods to include energy usage, water usage, or whatever other factors are important for the long-term usability of the property and the comfort of its tenants.

Simaxx leads the way towards a better source of centralised monitoring tools. Even the most basic air flow sensor system can be the prelude to an incredibly powerful database – one that can keep track of even the most subtle changes across your property’s many different environmental systems and internal design elements.