Cloud Based Mechanical Plant Analysis

Simaxx’s cloud-focused nature allows the platform to collect, merge and analyse a range of data, providing full remote monitoring capabilities for any property that requires it. With such a strong focus on plant operation, Simaxx can form the core of a business’ new operational process management network, using a centralized system to simplify data management. When used correctly, Simaxx is limited by only physical architecture limitations and the monitoring tools you have installed in your property as part of a larger monitoring structure.

When it comes to managing a facility in active use, Simaxx’s centralized cloud structure can create a process monitoring system based on cloud technology. This remains accessible from local computer systems while allowing for cloud condition monitoring, meaning far more flexibility in how the system acquires input data. Being able to manage big data analytics from a cloud-based monitoring system makes it far easier to maintain industrial machinery, keep a property comfortable for employees, and identify external software disturbances to employ predictive maintenance before anything can fully break down.

Simaxx, as a building and industrial devices remote monitoring system, employs standard features alongside a range of highly specific improvements to allow for even greater data gathering and analysis options. This kind of cloud-based condition monitoring system goes above and beyond the scope of a single monitoring system, allowing for widely-distributed control systems and countless sources of data gathering.

Benefits of cloud based mechanical data analysis?

As cloud services providers and enterprise solution vendors, we understand how important the right cloud system can be to many businesses. We offer Simaxx as a way to provide the tools necessary for full plant performance monitoring while still ensuring that the plant owner and scheduler manages data acquisition, analysis, and every other important part of the process. We do our best to save cloud space and streamline the analysis process while still leaving Simaxx as a flexible, open-ended tool for countless analysis processes and management projects.

Cloud computing features and cloud-based software solutions offer a lot of benefits over other kinds of plant performance monitoring options. The Simaxx platform serves as a ready-made way to monitor both civil and industrial engineering plants, focusing on a range of safety and state parameters. It can monitor cybersecurity and service reliability just as effectively as ventilation effectiveness, acting as a novel process monitoring system that can be used to manage and maintain a space’s important functions. Beyond that, a core focus of Simaxx is creating a comfortable work environment and gathering data on a space’s total suitability.

Modern Industry 4.0 cloud technology and cloud computing have opened the way for new data mining algorithms, process control system options and processes beyond conventional local computer control systems. Simaxx uses cloud technology to enable faster, easier, larger-scale data analysis, pooling all data into the same platform while still keeping it distinct. Users do not need to understand technical terms like key and value notation or data interchange format – Simaxx lays all of the basic components out and provides the tools needed to manage raw data effectively.

This includes:

  • Easy access to a huge pool of data, all of which can be stored within Simaxx for any kind of future analysis. With the right monitoring tools, this can include any data from the same or different sites owned by the same company, even if they are not using the same cloud-based architecture.
  • Near-instant recall of historical data, allowing for comparisons between current and past recordings to check for errors, performance improvements, or other time-based metrics.
  • Full compatibility with any local computer system that has access to the platform, allowing data to be accessed from any company computer.
  • Easy connection to a range of different devices, from monitoring and web app features to other cloud technology platforms used to gather and manage data.
  • Easy data analysis without needing specialist analysis modules implemented into your business’ computer systems.
  • Improved security over many other cloud platforms, ensuring that data is kept safe and secure at all times.
  • Direct access to your data from a range of devices, even if your computer systems go down or your business premises loses power. This can include laptops and mobile devices as necessary.
  • A range of ways to modify and display data, including the creation of graphs and presentation reports alongside countless filters and adjustable parameters. None of this modifies the original data, meaning that an employee can’t wipe the entire system by pressing the wrong button or using the wrong tool.
  • Simple ways to source, analyse and compare data to find the solutions you are looking for, whether those are suggestions for key enabling technologies or more direct points of data that provide important breakdowns of your plant’s performance.
  • Full flexibility from the Simaxx platform, enabling any business to find the right solution to each problem in their own unique way. Simaxx is highly versatile, meaning that all kinds of plant problems can be monitored, reviewed, analysed and used to find a variety of solutions to similar issues in the future.

Simaxx itself uses a highly secure system that can function as an interoperable messaging system, working with all standard cloud features (such as MQTT or message queue telemetry transport) and providing maximum security whenever secure access to the cloud server occurs. This means that information can be managed across the entire corporate local area network or even between offices while still relying on standard transport layer security options. The web interface queries the database as needed, but the data cannot be seen by accounts that have not been given direct access, ensuring that sensitive company data is kept safe and secure.

Cloud Computing Control Loop Performance Monitoring System

The concept of control loops is invaluable for maintaining system stability and is far more than just a novel performance monitoring system. Many major control engineering companies focus on loop and actuator status first and foremost, building a local computer control system to manage loops effectively. Simaxx provides the cloud technology to keep control loops implemented safely while being able to manage big data storage and monitor geographically dispersed assets.

This means more than just having a loop management page where you can check the corresponding loop status. The platform provides a human-machine interface to allow for cloud-based configuration when working with all kinds of advanced manufacturing solutions. Actuator and loop status are only a small part of the data you may gather, and Simaxx provides the novel centralized cloud system necessary to manage an entire plant. An employee doesnot even necessarily need to know what a SISO feedback control loop is or whether a tool has a double hydraulic circuit equipped to analyse the raw data that Simaxx receives.

Focusing on this kind of loop-based management can be extremely important for plant spaces, and it is something that Simaxx was developed to simplify. Whether the plant in question is a chemical process control laboratory or a simple storage facility, using Simaxx can provide the plant owner or management team with a huge pool of data to draw from, all of which can be investigated to find faults and flaws in an otherwise perfect system.

How Simaxx uses abstract data models to provide insights into plant operation

Simaxx is designed as a powerful tool for handling a huge range of data, allowing a business to quickly and easily compare all necessary plant information to find out how effectively that plant is operating. This could be simple data about ventilation systems or something far more complex, with all sources of big data pooling into the same structured cloud environment. This combines the flexibility of a large database with the separation of independent data storage systems, ensuring that information does not get mixed up or lost while you are attempting to store it securely.

A core benefit of Simaxx is the ability to use raw information for a whole host of different purposes, analysing it for a range of solutions to whatever problem your plant is facing. However, even if there are not any current standing issues to resolve, using Simaxx can still enable you to get in-depth details about how your plant operates and what kind of state your physical workspace may be in. For example, you can generate reports about the average power usage of an office space or examine the long-term air quality of an industrial plant that relies heavily on ventilation to keep employees safe and productive.

Simaxx can be used to produce a range of abstract data models, standardising different sets of data and allowing easy comparisons without forcing the user to limit themselves to certain kinds of analysis. The user can begin to analyse data through the corresponding web interfaces using whatever methods are necessary, whether that means complex equations using dynamic friction parameters or simple comparisons between two data sets gathered on different days. The flexibility of Simaxx means that data can be used in whatever way would benefit the plant most, providing an almost unlimited amount of control over how data is used.