About Simaxx

Simaxx is a software platform to improve buildings for everyone in the future. Simaxx uses data from Building Management Systems, Smart Sensors and other connected or IoT systems to help building managers and owners gather valuable insights and patterns into how a building works. These insights reduce operating costs and ensure the environment for the occupants is comfortable and complaint with legislation.

Simaxx dashboards and reporting provide evidence that building owners and managers are complying their legal obligations regarding sustainability and energy performance.

Working with Simaxx

Data is everywhere in buildings and building technology installations….. BMS, IoT devices, APIs, CSV files. We can use that data to provide insights and actions into building performance.

How do we get it? How do we use it?

Simaxx is a software platform created in the Netherlands and now owned by Tyrrell Building Technologies. Simaxx is available through a network of trusted Solution Integrators, who have the appropriate domain experience.

To find out more about the platform or become an SI partner, fill in an enquiry sheet on the Contact page or why not join a Wednesday Webinar.


Use Continuous monitoring to improve the building performance for everyone.


Scalable solution from single building to global portfolio. Identify specific issues quickly.


Well-Being, Energy Efficiency, Compliance and Fault Detection. Be in control of your estate.